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Senior Loan Broker

For the last 25 years I have exceeded the expectations of thousands of clients in the Bay Area. I am 100% committed to understanding my clients needs, goals and priorities. I always provide them with options so they can make educated decisions, while delivering Superior Service. My mission is to ensure a smooth, understandable and positive experience during and after the loan process. My goal is to have every client of mine end up being so satisfied with my services that they are compelled to refer me to their friends and family. Not by obligation but because they know they truly believe they will benefit.

Whether you're looking to refinance your existing mortgage, purchase your First home, Buy up, or invest in rental properties I have the resources and experience to find the right loan for you.

I pride myself on my quick response to everyone all the time. You can always reach me on my Smart Phone at ANY time. (408) 813-2770. Or you can text me if you like as well. I appreciate your calls and texts.


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A Reverse Mortgage is a loan against your home that you do not have to pay back for as long as you live in the property. You still own your home and retain all the equity it builds. There are Minimal income requirements and You can pass it on to your Airs. We offer the assistance you need to help in all of your mortgage endeavors. Whether you are consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, or buying your first house, we have the expertise to make it a fast, easy, and enjoyable process. There are many loan programs from which to choose, each with different rates, points and fees. This makes hopping for a loan time consuming, and it can be frustrating. We will help you choose the right loan program by evaluating your situation and recommending the most suitable mortgage program(s), thus allowing you to make an informed decision.
A loan pre-approval is just that; a pre-approval! Before you begin shopping for a home, you will want to become pre-approved for your home loan. This approval will help you determine your maximum purchase power, as well as your comfort level. Most sellers will require you to submit a pre-approval letter with your purchase offer. At the pre-approval application, we will gather information about your employment, income, assets, and debts. We will also access your credit report at this time. We will be looking at two key factors. First, your ability to repay the loan and, second, your willingness to repay the loan.
Once you purchase a home, the final processing of your mortgage begins. Your Processor will verify your employment, income, assets and debt. She will also order an appraisal and titlework on the subject property. Upon receipt, your Processor will examine the appraisal and title report, checking for property issues that may require further investigation. The entire mortgage package is then put together for submission to the underwriter.


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